Scan Station Document Center

The Scan Station Document has been designed to not only incorporate our world class flatbed scanner, but it also includes a high-speed, easy-to-use document feeder. It is specifically designed for high-volume, high-traffic environments where there is an emphasis on both productivity and superior image quality. The Document Center runs on a 3.0 GHz dual core Intel processor and is combined with a state-of-the-art, LED-based, energy-saving, Instant-On scanner to provide unprecedented speed and quality.


For environments where scanning multiple pages in an efficient amount of time, the Scan Station Document Center is the perfect fit. With the AD240 automatic, double-sided sheet feeder you will be able to stack up to 80 pages at once and scan up to 60 pages per minute / 120 images per minute. The AD240 has a dual lamp system that allows for duplex pages to be scanned in a single pass. This document feeder has proven to continuously out perform high-cost digital copiers in both speed and image quality, and it does so at a fraction of the cost.


If that is not enough, the Document Center has all of the same built-in features as the 3050 Professional model. So you will still receive the unmatched character recognition of the ABBYY Fine Reader Engine, the many scan-to features, and all of the file format and editing options.


Discover why hundreds of institutions have choosen the Scan Station Document Center. For more information about the Document Center for your environment, please contact an MDS representative today.


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