Pharos Uniprint

The Pharos Uniprint solution is the market leading cost-recovery software available today, and is continuously delivering print cost savings, paper waste reductions, and advanced print services to more than 1,000 institutions worldwide. The Uniprint solution is known for its unparalleled reliability, accurate accountability, robustness, and flexibility to meet its customers’ unique requirements. It is able to adapt to different network environments with ease and has the ability to support the widest variety of devices and ID card systems. Uniprints’ flexibility and unmatched built-in features allow campuses to customize their system to meet their needs and offer a wide variety of print services to their users. And with the mobile printing feature, users can print from anywhere on campus using their mobile laptops, tablets, and smart devices.


The Pharos Uniprint solution will allow your institution to:

  • Implement a pay-for-print model, allowing you to recover costs for printing and re-allocate those funds towards other projects on campus.
  • Encourage users on your campus to be more responsible by providing them with processes and innovative technologies that emphasize smart printing.
  • Get involved in the Go Green initiative and steer your institution towards becoming Eco-Friendly by reducing the amount of printing waste by 50 - 80%.
  • Increase the level of printing security with Secure Release Here while simultaneously making your printing environment more user friendly.
  • Add full, system-wide accountability by implementing Departmental Chargeback, or Third Party Charging, to manage and track all printing & copying through departmental shared budgets to encourage responsibility and to prevent mis-spending.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your institutions' campus ID card system, such as Blackboard, CBORD, Heartland Payment Systems, and Aramark.
  • Allow users to sit-anywhere, print-anywhere by utilizing MobilePrint, which lets users print from laptops, smartphones, tablets, and/or any other email ready, wireless device.


With the Pharos Uniprint solution you will have unmatched support for your institutions’ fleet of printing, copying, and/or Multi-Function Devices and several user interface solutions to meet your unique requirements. With more than 250 supported MFP models from various manufacturers, the Pharos integrated Multi-Function Printer, or iMFP, seamlessly builds the Uniprint interface into the MFP. If you choose the more “vendor neutral” approach, the Pharos Omega PS200 terminal is an external device that hosts the Uniprint interface and easily connects to your devices. The Pharos Omega PS60 is an external device that allows user to quickly release all of their print jobs with a simple swipe of their campus card.


For more information about the Pharos Uniprint solution for your institution, please contact an MDS representative today.



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