Pharos Off-the-Glass

Not having control of copying in your library can significantly increase costs from excess paper and toner usage and wear-and-tear on your equipment. As part of the Pharos Solution Suite, Off-the-Glass will allow you to track, control, and charge for copying on your output devices.

Much like Uniprint, Off-the-Glass is compatible with both stand-alone copiers and multifunction devices from any major manufacturer, so no matter what mix of equipment you might have in your library, this solution will work for you. And it doesn't stop there. It is every bit as flexible, robust, scalable, and customizable as all Pharos products are known to be. Combined it with Uniprint and you will be able to provide a single, unified copy and print environment to your patrons while having a centralized management system for your IT staff.

With the Off-the-Glass solution implemented in your library, you will be able to:

  • Secure your output devices by only allowing authorized patrons access to use them.
  • Implement a pay-for-copy model so that you can recover costs and create a new revenue stream.
  • Utilize your library card as a source of authentication and payment by seamlessly integrating with your library management system, such as III, TLC, or SIRSIDynix.
  • Eliminate the need to handle coins and bills by not having to buy expensive copy controllers.

With the Off-the-Glass solution you will have a copy management solution that fits your librarys' particular needs. You will have several user interface solutions to meet your unique requirements. With more than 250 supported MFP models from various manufacturers, the Pharos integrated Multi-Function Printer, or iMFP, seamlessly builds the Uniprint interface into the MFP. If you choose the more “vendor neutral” approach, the Pharos Omega PS200 terminal is an external device that hosts the Uniprint interface and easily connects to your devices.


For more information about Off-the-Glass for your library, please contact an MDS representative today.

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