Pharos Off-the-Glass

Part of the Pharos Uniprint Solution Suite, Off-the-Glass allows for your institution to have a single, enterprise-level solution to manage, track, and charge for copying on your campus. With Off-the-Glass, you can have a single solution for managing both your printing and copying environments, therefore allowing for a sole source of accountability and similarity of the user experience across your entire campus.


The Off-the-Glass solution will allow your institution to:


  • Provide a higher level of security by allowing only authorized users to access your fleet of managed equipment.
  • Utilize Departmental Chargeback for accurate accounting back to budget codes, grants, contracts, or other sources of funding.
  • Implement a pay-for-copy model, allowing you to recover costs for copying and re-allocate them towards other projects on campus.
  • Reduce costs associated with copy control devices.


With the Off-the-Glass solution you will have a copy management solution that fits your institutions' particular needs. You will have several user interface solutions to meet your unique requirements. With more than 250 supported MFP models from various manufacturers, the Pharos integrated Multifunction Printer, or iMFP, seamlessly builds the Uniprint interface into the MFP. If you choose the more “vendor neutral” approach, the Pharos Omega PS200 terminal is an external device that hosts the Uniprint interface and easily connects to your devices. 

For more information about Off-the-Glass for your campus, please contact an MDS representative today.


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