Pharos Blueprint Enterprise

In todays' corporate world, strong management tools are essential to running a profitable and productive company. And keeping overhead costs down might be one of the most important factors. In order to assist in this effort, Pharos has developed the premier management and optimization tool for corporate enterprises, Blueprint. Much like the Uniprint solution, Blueprint creates cost savings, reduction in waste, and enhanced printing security. It does so by altering the normal behavior of your employees when it comes to printing and by providing every piece of information that your company needs optimize its' printing environment. One of the key goals in optimizing your printing environment is to get a handle on your equipment fleet; knowing how many devices are in your company, how they are being used, who is using them, and even identifying devices that your management team may not know about. Blueprint helps to find this information and assists in consolidating your equipment fleet to meet your true needs.


Blueprint Enterprise has been designed to acheive through:


  • A vendor agnostic approach of being compatible with virtually every manufaturers' printing equipment.
  • Policy Print - Eco-friendly printing and cost control by implementing printing policies.
  • Reduction in toner usage through our Toner Saving Policy that will manage how much toner is consumed to create a cost savings without compromising print quality.
  • Scheduled Reporting - Extensive reporting, tracking, and accountability of all printing and copying, all the way down to the user level.
  • Quota Management - manage and enforce quotas on a per-group basis. Can be separated by color vs. B&W and when the quota is reached, print is still allowed but the user and group manager are notified by email.
  • Delegate Printing - managers can empower their assistant(s) to view and collect print jobs on their behalf.
  • Full site assessment to outline, or Blueprint, your printing environment, showing all output devices that are being used and providing a real-time analysis of your print parameters.
  • Secure Release Here provides not only a secure printing environment, but creates waste reductions and convenience.
  • Departmental Chargeback that will allocate all output costs to the proper business units that created the costs.


The Blueprint Enterprise solution is a very scalable tool that easily can be designed to manage small businesses all the way to companies with well over 250,000 employees.


With the Pharos Blueprint solution you will have unmatched support for your companies' fleet of printing, copying, and/or Multi-Function Devices and several user interface solutions to meet your unique requirements. With more than 250 supported MFP models from various manufacturers, the Pharos integrated Multi-Function Printer, or iMFP, seamlessly builds the Blueprint interface into the MFP.


If you choose the more "vendor neutral" approach, there are two options: the Pharos Omega PS200 terminal is an external device that hosts the Blueprint interface and easily connects to your devices. The Pharos Sentry SR25 is an external device that allows users to quickly release all of their print jobs with a simple swipe of their ID badge.


For more information about the Blueprint Enterprise solution for your company, please contact an MDS representative today.



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