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Pharos Beacon >>> whether in a corporate environment or higher education, the Pharos Beacon solution can help your organization to easily reduce print costs and gain full control of the print environment. Beacon's Print AnalyticsTM will allow you to easily discover ways to optimize and save by accessing comprehensive details about how people print across your organization. Beacon's Fleet ManagerTM makes it easy to reduce print costs and optimize your device environment by providing a detailed view of ALL devices across the organization. And since it is a cloud-based solution, it does this with minimal effort or resources.

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MDS Scan Stations >>>
Digital touch-screen, self-serving Scan Station kiosks! Eliminate paper and enable DIGITAL power to your community!


The MDS Scan Station kiosk offers user the capability to Scan to Email, Scan to Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox, Scan to USB drives, Scan to Network Locations, Scan to Smart Device, Scan to Fax, and Scan to Print (either standard network printers or if you already have a print management solution in place, we can integrate to it... or provide you with one). All of this is driven through intuitive, on-screen instructions where users can immediately enjoy the benefits of easy-to-use, digital scanning all for an investment of less than the cost of your typical copier!


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