Corporate Solutions

In the corporate world one of the highest overhead costs that can easily slip under the radar is printing and copying. Many companies don't even realize how many output devices are running in their environment or how much paper is being consumed on a daily basis. An unmanaged environment can lead to significant costs stemming from excessive paper and toner usage and an inefficient fleet of equipment. All of this can easily be controlled by implementing the award-winning  Pharos Blueprint Enterprise management software.


In order to assist our corporate customers in getting a handle on their printing environment, we strive to deliver the technology and professional services that will help you to print less, reduce waste, and optimize your equipment fleet. Utilizing Blueprint Enterprise, we can discover every output device in your environment, enabling you to track every device whether it is networked, local, or direct IP connected. Blueprint will track print activity from the user level, allowing your management and accounting teams to know who is printing what and to run detailed reports based on the findings. This solution has been designed to work in any print environment with any mix of output devices.


Our Professional Services team can be engaged to perform a full site assessment of your printing environment, from office printing all the way up to production level print centers. We will utilize a combination of software technology and services to perform the assessment and then provide you with a detailed layout of how printing is happening within your company. An enterprise-wide strategy will be created by our team that will assist you in printing less, lowering costs, optimizing equipment and workflows, and becoming more green in your corporate printing environment. From this point, our team will take the lead in implementing this strategy and in assisting you with on-going management of the solution.


The Pharos Blueprint Enterprise solution is the right choice for your company to manage and optimize printing. For more information about Blueprint Enterprise for your company, please contact an MDS representative today.


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